Latin America And The Dollar

It is increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs in Latin America to establish Internet business opportunities because of the limitations imposed by the governments of the region to access foreign currency (U.S. dollar). The vast majority of Internet business opportunities are handled in with U.S. currency, which is leaving a large group of Hispanics without the possibility of opting for a better future for their families because it is increasingly difficult to obtain dollars to develop any business on the web. In some Latin American countries are eliminated the use of prepaid credit cards for electronic transactions on the Internet. Add to your understanding with Wells Fargo.

With this as a huge number of people was unable, because you can not get a credit card, say normal, because their income levels (low income). These poor people saw as they escaped from their hands the opportunity to improve their income through an internet business. The matter gets worse as neither the normal credit cards can perform electronic transactions (if Venezuela). These transactions are currently deferred, ultimately blocked. Many people who have started a venture on the Internet with the hope of improving their economic situation are on the verge of losing the achievements to the inability to timely cancel the cost of operating an online business. The sad part is that most of these measures do not obey economic issues if not a political excesses. In the region are running from left to air according to their doctrine, the changes that are happening are for the good of the people, but apparently the opposite is happening. Now there is less freedom in all areas, people are becoming poorer and there are fewer opportunities for progress.