Important People

Not taste because I do not have vocation for isto.' ' ' ' The people who enter, know them to people and like them and they go even so This influences in the income and the work. The relationship is tranquilo: some accept, others not If people to lear in the esportivas have union and respeito.' ' ' ' The type has people that it comes for coming, that does not have interest, does not have the love for day-by-day it wakes up of morning and it says there, I have that to go, there that drugs if I could I I would not go. has people that they wake up with love. Because what people make nowadays benefit many people, me, to the planet, the city then what people are making today it is a work of futuro.' ' ' ' fofoca that it confuses the environment of trabalho' ' ' ' it has much fight and much fofoca' ' ' ' fofoca that always it happens, after all is 130 pessoas' ' ' ' difficulties in relationship humano.' ' As a level of difficulties becomes related with the infrastructure: some workers point difficulties with the infrastructure, others speak of the difficulty in dealing with the material that contains dust, mainly, when the worker has asthma Important to observe that, although the definite one in law, the cooperated ones of the two cooperatives were working without no equipment of protection (gloves, masks, etc.). Two cooperated had pointed difficulties of house locomotion with respect to the work: ' ' the housing is longe' ' ' ' in the distance ' ' Finally, it hears a citation in relation the external difficulties to the cooperative: ' ' people who want to hinder the work of gente' '. Two other difficulties had been cited in the colloquies established with cooperated: The recycled volume in each cooperative is not enough great for the direct commercialization with the final producer, keeping the cooperatives at the hands of intermediate and with inferior prices of what they would get if they vendessem directly; The cost of the electric energy for the use of the press makes with that only if it places one of them in functioning to each moment. The great majority of the cooperated ones, including itself diligent in coordination functions,