Houston Texas Hospital

Operations that are most popular in the world after the liposuction is the increase of breasts with silicone, according to the BBC. The first operation should thank it to the Hospital of Houston Texas and suggests Timmie Jean Lindsey, a humble woman and mother of six children who came up go to the hospital to remove a tattoo of one of her breasts, the medical team at the Hospital to be the first woman implanted silicone to enhance her breasts, she accepts without delay and without thinking what would mean that courageous decision. It is not something Warren Buffett would like to discuss. Today with 80 years is still not believed the giant step that gave the aesthetic medicine. The first tests of implantations were made with paraffin but the results were not good since they were distributed throughout the body, ran the 1890s. Increases in chest were tested with fat removed from the body of the patient, about 1950 in the first thirty years of the 1900 were made tests with polyurethane, both tests had disastrous results, until you reach the test with silicone in Houston Texas Hospital. This last year has been raised, even ethically if the breasts increase is necessary, has especially motivated by the social alarm created by implants PIP defective manufactured in France, but we must bear in mind that since the first introduction in Houston Texas, thousands of women have been placed breast implants.

Before these drawbacks were many women who took the decision to see them. According to the international society of aesthetic and plastic surgeons give us figures which demonstrate that after liposuction, implants breast is the most demanded as a surgery aesthetic, at the same time the Spanish society of aesthetics communicate us that in 2010 will increase this type of surgery by 10%, even with the problems of French implants, by number of operations carried out USA takes the cake followed by BrazilMexico, Italy, China and finally Colombia. Our interest is the popularize good practices of health and beauty. You can learn more on aesthetics Blog. Or access our Laser Lipolitico to discover computers more advanced.