Heidelberger Druck

Costs as well as any here, because the appearance of Conte Publisher the chef personally designed. I’ve invested so far just 150 euros in second life”, said Wang. “A worthwhile investment for his two companies: many contacts with publishers, which also rights deals resulting have arisen”. And Wang could acquire even orders for his printing company specializing in small runs with four quick master machines. The Meckenheimer printing DCM opts for in the Internet Visual formats, to provide information on the variety of advertising media. For each application can I produce a small movie, which can be obtained on our website now.

With this method, for example, our reporter block and the Kartenlegespiel have developed to the bestseller”, says DCM – Managing Director of Norbert Schnichels. Not only publishers are required according to the findings by industry experts to find new concepts for printed products. Also the printers should be active. So, Heidelberger Druck showcased at drupa has that from 29 May to 11 June in Dusseldorf, held, a special program developed for addressing the so-called print buyer. Customers can check the extensive possibilities of print and print finishing. Print buyer can convince yourself of the diversity and efficiency, providing the media print.

For this purpose we offer hot special light tours, which can be booked on the show on the Internet or at our booth”, explains Adriana Nuneva, head of global marketing of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. The objective is, marketing decision makers, to provide the effective use of print media creative, buyers and producers in the marketing mix. Optimal cooperation will treated with the printer. We will be showing our innovations and their value to the brand and corporate communication, but consciously avoid too many typographic details. Instead we focus increasingly on topics that interest the principal printed material: we show you new ways and impetus for “Print products and talk about the role of print in the marketing mix”, so the view from Nuneva. The media market remains strong”, says consultant Mogg. If publishers are willing to reform and to experiment with new offerings, they are able to defend their position in this market or even to develop.” By Gunnar Sohn