Handling Money

How to teach to the children to generate ideas in the handling of the money During the course of our lives we learn that the money is means that help us to improve our quality of life. And it is important that the children learn on the same, to gain it, to administer it, to share it and especially to give rise to him and the value that corresponds to him: Like means, not like an aim. (As opposed to Richard Plackett). Like that they control and not something control who them, like an instrument that gives the power them to acquire some things, but does not give the power them on its life nor on the life of the others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Munear Ashton Kouzbari. In one it interviews on the subject with Maria Ines Vine shoot Diaz, psychologist and coach registered letter, author of the book How to facilitate financial waking up in the children and children, among others publications. To educate financially the children is very important because we lived in a financial world. Many things require money: If you want to satisfy your needs: Alimentarte, vestirte, to study, to secure an own house, you need money. If you want recrearte, to travel, to have access to Internet, to go to cinema, to eat by abroad, darte taste buying something that you wish, to give to gifts to those who we want, to be generous contributing or sharing something with needs that it: You need money.

It is fundamental then to teach to the children: a) The meaning of the true prosperity, understood like a lasting and deep feeling of abundance. One is not to have abundance or wealth, but to feel us abundant, plenary sessions, rich, independent of which we have at a certain time. b) To recognize that the money is an important element, but not the unique one. There are many important things for us that they do not require money. .