Haiti TShirt

Haiti has a face. Action T-Shirt for donation, initiator and T-Shirt printer Pamela Bauer and partners rely on a sustainable fundraising for Haiti. Hochstadt on the Aisch: “I buy a T-Shirt and have donated. Mike Bloomberg may not feel the same. With our special “T-Shirt for donation” attention for Haiti remain long in the memory of the people, because everyone puts on a T-Shirt”, Axel Bauer, T-Shirt printer from Hochstadt. The severe earthquake in Haiti was the impetus for him and his colleagues of the company Axel Bauer textile printing, to design a Haiti donations shirt.

Map of Haiti, the face of a Haitian and in the Centre of Port-au-Prince, the capital, and the earthquake of Haiti give a face to the Haiti donations shirt. The shirt of the graphic was designed by Hannes small. His idea for the design: “the face of a Haitian in the map of Haiti makes it clear that the call for help relating to millions of individual destinies. A short Flash in the pan of the aid may not belie the fact, that the people need help over several years.” With the Action “Help for Haiti” in the form of a Haiti-shirts the fundraiser Gets a sustainable effect. 100 percent of the sale price to “Medecins Sans Frontieres e.V.” T-Shirt printer Pamela Bauer and his partners pay the production costs and marketing of Haiti shirts 100% out of pocket.

Therefore all donations of the action “T-Shirt for donation” can be provided completely the relief organization “Medecins Sans Frontieres e.V.”. The relief organization has been active since the early of 1970s in Haiti and has a wide experience on the ground. Reason for the T-Shirt printer, to donate the money for long-term reconstruction and medical care to this charity. anne Rosenberger of the donations Department of the “Medecins Sans Frontieres e.V.” in Germany is delighted by the Haiti-donations shirt action. The cooperation of donations is depicted on the T-Shirt with the logo of the partner. The action ‘T-Shirt for donation’ has started on January 22, 2010. The Haiti shirts can donation in the online shop for 15 euro be ordered or bought directly at the store: “the shirt world”, large Bauer Gasse 13, 91315 Hochstadt. Also search more dealers who wish to participate in the relief effort “T-Shirt for donation” and distribute the Haiti T-shirt in their store. About the company Axel Bauer textile printing partners and its logo donor of fundraising campaign: All mentioned the campaign’s partner ‘T-Shirts for donation’ participate in volunteer fundraiser. The production and distribution of Haiti donations shirts sponsored by the listed companies to 100 percent.