Hair Extensions

More recently, hair extensions could only afford a celebrity. Now lush curls are available to all, and practically everywhere. Especially useful building for those who want to: 1. Grow hair. When own hair is very inconvenient interim period between the short-haired and long hair. Filed under: Santie Botha. Already slightly otraschennye hair long enough to climb into his eyes, but still too short to plug their ears or gather for in the tail. This is where the useful capacity: it will allow you to look directly at the long hair and helps to overcome the problem painlessly unkempt hair.

2. Streaked hair without damaging their own hair. C through capacity can give her hair a visual volume, depth and trendy look without damaging your own hair various chemical dyes. Expert capacity will pick locks on several shades lighter or darker than your own. However, the weave can be quite bold and experimental: you can add a strand of contrasting colors (eg black strands of blond hair), or bright colors (pink, purple, blue, etc.).

3. Have the hair of your dreams. If you're dreaming of a luxurious mane of sex to his knees, and you have only a short crew cut, within an hour you can realize your dream. To make the build-up, your hair may be no longer than 8-10 cm 4. Correct an unsuccessful haircut. An experienced specialist can build up so badly cut hair, they absolutely will merge with your own – and from a bad haircut will be over. 5. Give hair volume. Hair is an excellent method of giving the volume is too thin or thinning hair. In addition, it will help those who want to quickly restore the old hair after hair loss or chemotherapy. Particularly lush volume gives the building a slightly wavy locks. In this case, your own hair does not necessarily have to curl.