Hair And Protein

The result is longer from three months. The process is safe and painless. More often than creams contain in their composition protease – an enzyme that breaks protein of hair that are above the surface of the skin, and hair can be removed quickly from the skin. The cream is applied to the skin layer in 2-3mm. thickness, and later removed with a spatula for 5-10 minutes, necessarily against the hair growth. In order to prevent negative effects of the cream, it is desirable adhere to certain rules: – Avoid contact with eyes, a cream, if it happens, rinse area of contact with warm water – do not apply the cream around the eyes and eyebrows. – Before applying to the skin test on the front surface of the forearm. – Do not use alcohol-based deodorant, perfume or soap immediately before or after the application of depilatory products.

– Do not apply the cream to broken skin. The cream does not affect the hair follicle, so after chemical depletion hair grow back quickly. The hair removal using wax is waxing. Apply hot wax (only in salons, as in the home is likely burn the skin) and cold, which can be used for: – honey wax in plates – cold wax with chamomile. The essence of the method is simple: with a special wax hair stick together, and abruptly removed with wax. At the same time removed the hair follicle, which contributes to a slower future growth.