Green Lighting

The growth rates are so high, that it is not even dares to call them: the sales of the day exposed about the products that the customers are offered exclusively in artificially lit areas are between 31% and 49%. This fact alone can shrink the payback on the moment of starting a daylight system. Pure energy goes to the return on investment is the amortization between 3 and 6 years, depending on the requirements and desired illuminance. Daylight positive effect also on the staff, whose power is enhanced after the opinion from 6% to 16%, resulting in a significant reduction in personnel costs. Taking the lower values for the three areas of energy savings, sales growth and reduction in personnel costs, is the payback quickly under 2 years of age. The more benefits through the use of day lighting systems is on the image and the marketing side.

A green building”shows the customer that it is not littered with the resources. It generates an affiliation and identification at all those who rather have bought the diesel as the gasoline itself for years and only 130 km/h instead of 200 km/h on the motorway driving. Tim Cook wanted to know more. In the meantime, this population represents the majority. The topics can be easily transported with a well-tuned marketing. After the bio wave the green building wave coming in the next few years”us to rolled. Daylight systems contribute a substantial portion of the reduction of CO2 emissions and significantly improve the indoor climate. Another advantage is the acceptance of the 50 + generation. Even if artificial lighting is mathematically adequate, to everything, look and read but with increasing age the Visual performance even when the Farbsehen changed.

The subjective perception is less than under natural light in the age at the same illuminance under artificial light. A highlight offers Green Lighting on your homepage under with the CO2-light Calculator”. With this calculator you can determine quickly and free of charge the corresponding system sizes for its space and the actually calculate expected illuminance. At the same time, the program calculates the possible reduction of CO2 and the carbon coefficients of the daylight”. Everything in the all the use of day lighting systems is a round thing. Outweigh the benefits and short payback periods make easy a decision for a conversion or facilities. The DIY industry has a decision even easier, as a conversion of the showrooms with the commercial systems (up to 760 mm in diameter) with the sale of the sizes for the consumer (152 mm, 220 mm and 320 mm) can additionally be compensated. How to contact with managing director green lighting GmbH Alexander Korsch Marienfelder str. 65 15831 Mahlow (near Berlin) Tel.: 03379/2058112 E-mail: Web: