General Cigar Company

Inside – all modern: good lighting and modern interior design jobs, thoroughly planned and effectively. But the greatest pleasure – this is a place where mature alone tens of thousands of cigars, typing flavor and aroma, and exhale the smell of residues of impurities. Hundreds of cedar boxes for storing cigars, and all with the lid open – Regiment after regiment and up, this show reminds cigar room in a private club, where in locked cabinets for glass visible cigars large format. One of the workers picked up a box with the already pasted on it checks the contents of the label starts its fasten with tape and packaging. The most enjoyable process of labor, which I have ever seen.

Remains of tobacco, collected from waste products of hand cigar used to make short-flavored cigars machine twist in another special room at the same factory. Mechanisms for manual twist cigars Reyes came up with himself. "We now have 23 different flavors of cigars" – says Don Emilio, showing his laboratory, where he developed an even greater number of flavors and aromas. To date, Esperanza annually produces 80 million flavored cigars. Reyes surname emigrated from Spain and Cuba in the Dominican Republic, generations and generations ago, and Don Emilio has worked on tobacco farms all his life, and his own statement, never interested in other spheres of activity – just tobacco. " In 1974, he founded Culbro Corporation, later to become General Cigar Company, which is now part of Swedish Match.