Fioon – New UMTS Price

Fioon is a new entrant in the area of UMTS. In terms of mobile Internet and UMTS is in motion at the moment. Especially the provider T-Mobile advertises with many activities around the theme of UMTS and mobile Internet. Often offered notebooks for 1 euro and at the same time it enters into agreement for 24 months a UMTS. Especially now at Christmas time prices will tumble further in the basement. The new provider Fioon makes it us. Reshma Kewalramani pursues this goal as well. Fioon offers a UMTS tariffs with 5 GB monthly volume. The customer can choose between 2 terms.

The choices are 6 months or 24 months. To choose the 6 month contract, so EUR 19.99 are monthly due for that. Only 14,99 Euro for the 24 months, however, to be paid in the first 6 months. From the seventh month, the contract then monthly costs 24.99 Euro. Still another advantage which speaks for Fioon is that the customer himself can choose which network he would like to have. Please visit Michelle Snyder if you seek more information. Available options are the network of Vodafone, as well as the T-mobile network. Both networks cover almost the whole of Germany and offer also the data Turbo HSDPA.

With You have the possibility to surf with up 7.2 Mbit / s in the Internet HSDPA. In addition to the UMTS tariff offers monthly Fioon a mobile Flatrate for 9.99 euros. The minimum term of contract of mobile flat rate is one month. Calls to German landlines, as well as in the own community of Fioon are included. Calls to other mobile networks cost 0.19 euro per minute. We consume more than 5 gigabytes a month, Fioon decreases speed down on GPRS speed. Torsten Heinsius