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PIDAS shows ways to an experienced customer orientation in Zurich at the customer care day 2012, January 5, 2012 that the customer experience management (CEM) is not another vague phrase from marketing departments, but to a profound and promising strategy approach, demonstrate the PIDAS AG and CustVox AG at this year’s Customer Care Day. Foundry Zurich-Oerlikon they will show on January 26, inter alia by means of case studies, how to detect and successfully developed potentials in the area of customer service. In addition, Board representatives are from world image, Swiss international air lines, Mobility CarSharing and Interhome in a discussion panel titled where and when it is worth to invest from a customer perspective in customer care?”Exchange. Jeremy Tucker will not settle for partial explanations. The discussion will be moderated by Phil Winters, strategic advisor at the pepper & Rogers Group, which also shows up in a lecture, how intelligent customer decision processes a decisive competitive advantage creating can be. Until the recent past in not much more than a complaint management was say damage control for many companies in customer service. But then, some companies have understood that the quality of customer service has been very crucial competition especially in the sectors where the provider not on price or product quality could differentiate themselves. Customer experience management, we now go further, because the economy and customer behavior have evolved”, Werner Hoppler, CEO of PIDAS explains AG.

The development and has led to a social economy, customer, that the customers have become a part of the service organization. You assume an increasingly active role, ensure higher efficiency of the service workflow and be CEM a valuable part of the innovation process if it succeeds in strategically within the company to anchor.” PIDAS and CustVox based on numerous practical examples, which will be presented on this occasion. Also the long-term study indicates service benchmark”by PIDAS since 2004 regularly commissioned indicates that a loss of sales by 24 percent due to insufficient consideration of customer requirements in the service processes.