Feel Attention

To this end, the same type Google name, phone numbers, e-mails, names of executives. Read more from Bennett Rosenthal to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Use the advanced search and enter data by enclosing them in parenthesis. Analyze any information found. If in the process find any more then contact data – and looking at him. The same is repeated in Yandex. These search engines are different search algorithms. Therefore, some resources, banned by Google can be found in Yandex. And vice versa.

– Proposal Unsecured funding for 5-10% godovyhv currency, but talk about equivalent in national currency at the rate of Central Bank / National Bank. In mathematics scammers may be at odds, but the margin between the existing deposit and loan rates they can not guess. Restrictions on unsecured loans authorized bank as often drop out of the scope of competencies of intermediaries. – Hard-funded and implemented be interested proektami.Trebuyte contact details managers of these projects. Check these contacts on the Internet. In attempts to hide information – turn around and leave. – Pay close attention to the style of correspondence and style of communication of your opponentov.Chrezmernoe the abundance of English-speaking “corporatism” suggests that before you are not investors, and punty young amateurs. Ignoring the basics of office management and ethics of correspondence suggests the same.

– Communicate and Assign a meeting with the leaders only. It’s no good to you, Project Director, to discuss the nuances of investing in the construction of a plant with a 20-year old girl, not knowing basic banking and legal terminology. – Feel the interlocutors. If you do not know how to read between the lines, to calculate the stress and vazomotoriku, catch nedogovorki or hesitation, a pause for awkward questions – go to live another 10 years, and then come back. – Pay attention to what documents you need to. There are common rules and equal financial laws. Lender / investor always need complete information about the borrower and its business. Description is required project, a qualitative market research, business financial plan. Together this is called a business plan. If something out of this attention does not pay – you throw. – Discussing the project, watch the reaction and expression of interest to the details of the project. No one person will never forget the legal component, or tax payments. If you’re in the subject line of all aspects of their business – have the opportunity to sort of test, ostensibly forgetting about something global. If you can not be corrected – press his hand and say good-bye.