Falkenstein Spiegelau

Land art workshop seminar for creative in Falkenstein Spiegelau (tvo). Art has nothing to do. Participants in the land art workshop the nature Organizer WaldZeit e.V. in the Falkenstein wilderness camp is offering, for three days from an experienced hand out: land art artists Wolfgang Buntrock and Frank Nordiek show creative and artists, how many impulses and possibilities nature offers. While many of them need to learn once, not to see the trees in front of loud forest. Because not the devil, but the artistic paradise is in the detail: twigs and grasses, stones and sand, water and ice all year round provides the natural wonderful design material. At the same time pushes them testimony of the impermanence of all things, shows that everything created is subject to an ongoing process.

Intensive workshop participants deal with natural textures, shapes, colors and materials and end up with different eyes, perceive their environment. The land art workshop lasts from 18 to 20. September 2009 night is spent in the topic huts of the wilderness camp. Information and registration: WaldZeit e.V., Fe Garcia street 21 b, 94518 Spiegelau, Tel./fax 08553 / 920652,,