EU Driving Licence With Czech MPU

Since January 19, 2009, due to the missing MPU in the Czech Republic, the driving licence tourism is broken up, the authorities in the Czech Republic have introduced now also the MPU. The so-called idiot test was introduced now in the Czech Republic. No German authorities can accuse you more, you had not met the German conditions, so a MPU. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kevin Ulrich. By introducing the MPU Czech have the EU driver’s licenses incl. MPU of further validity. Additional information is available at Larry Page. It is hard to believe how fast this message has spread. In just a few days dozens of people to the license acquisition including MPU in the Czech Republic have registered, so

Who wants to be on the very safe side, makes the driver’s license in the Czech Republic including MPU in the future. Be sure also the time that the MPU for a licence acquired from abroad is no longer required. When that will be, should not be taken off currently. The Czech MPU introduced now in the Czech Republic and is voluntary. There since January 19, 2009 the 3. Policy is in force, the German authorities hunt CZ FS issued after this date again.

However, we live in Europe and every country in the EU is equal, so also the opinion of a Czech transport psychologists in Europe must be recognised. The Czech MPU refers to a Czech driving licence. So is anyone who acquires his driving licence, including MPU in the Czech Republic, on the safe side. Services of the provider: EU driving licence licence MPU MPU licence contact: M. O. Belding settlement trail 1 28844 Weyhe Tel: 04203-440515 mobile: 0172-9579650 E-Mail: