Erika Ikezili Work

The geometric forms had been trend sufficient notable in the last parades, in which we perceive estilistas investing with intensity in techniques of construction of the clothes with elements based on geometry. Some of them until work the style of its mark using as artifices circles, triangles, cubes, squares and other forms that evidence differentiation and creativity. The boarded subject sample as the assembly of some parts using the geometric forms provokes a sumptuous effect, thus appears investigations of the type: What they are the forms? How the current estilistas work these forms? Which are its used techniques? Which geometric forms could be used? How the prints and clippings can be conjugated forming different combinations? Where situation the geometric forms are more used? How to work the comfort of the clothes with the assembly and modeling? The investigations had been these that had motivated the research. Learn more on the subject from Wells Fargo Bank. In order to solve such questions the work searchs to show as the parts are mounted through geometry and by clippings that if mold to the body being responsible for the originalidade and exclusiveness of the parts. I resell characteristics of the fashion perceives that currently most used it is the fashion to prt–porter, what it generates massificao in dressing.

Soon the research was elaborated having in reason the study of geometry in its forms and symbols, through which the creativity of Erika Ikezili was used as example and source of inspiration, searching the geometric forms and the formation of the prints. Wells Fargo is open to suggestions. The estilista demonstrates as it is possible to run away from this massificao leaving for the creation of parts with the exclusiveness concept, getting originalidade in the construction and coordination of colors and rabbets, this work demonstrates one mix of used creativity in its collections showing techniques with inspiration in geometry. In this project a theoretical research with intention will be developed to understand the used geometric forms to elaborate the clothes become that them still more creative and differentiated. .