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Believe me the experience of leading managers, it The view is very, very wrong. Talking about wages – it's not crony dialogue and it should certainly be in a business setting. Employer to threaten his dismissal. This trick only works if your genius eliminates the possibility of replacing your other employee. But such happiness is very unlikely.

Experience shows that people fall into a very unpleasant situation by their own efforts themselves lured into a trap. Even the fallback option, provided by you in case of a demonstrative care are not always able to fix this situation, because it certainly is not the subject of your dreams, and unlikely to be profitable for you. The saddest stories in this will be your shameful return, and then there is the dream of permanently increasing the wage will remain only dreams. Is the epitome of the trade union in the face of the sole of his representative. The request for salary increase is often perceived by the employer as a personal claim and compels him to take a somewhat defensive, but this is not conducive to a constructive dialogue. Needless to say the boss that your colleague from another company does the same job as you, but it gets a lot more.

Moreover, do not allude to his care in that same company, any good that will not. Instead of blame Chief, tune in to a positive way and say that you adore your work … have achieved good results in it and would like to discuss your opportunities for further development, career and personal growth as well as evaluate these possibilities in terms of the optimal wage. In this case, experts say, your head will certainly feel that such high aspirations of his subordinate deserve appropriate remuneration. Cry for mercy. Even if all the troubles of the world fell on your head, and you absolutely have no livelihood, no need to run to the head with an outstretched hand. Each of us has great potential should think a little, and you probably look for a decent way to increase revenue, which will save you from humiliation of begging, so alien to be honest and confident man … It looks recommendations of leading European specialist recruitment agencies and companies in personnel management. It is worth to them to listen or act differently – you decide. In the end, all we learn only from their mistakes, is not it? Rewriting with English, based on the "Times"