Engine Tuning With The Chip Tuning Box

The tuning of the own vehicle with an additional control unit is initially more popular chip tuning only for motor racing purposes was intended, since the 1990s there are the chiptuning for Strassenzugelassene vehicles. Official site: Tim Cook. Not only the cars get bought a few extra Horsepower through the online tuning, tractors and trucks now benefit from more power with chip tuning. Tesla CEO may find this interesting as well. 30 percent more performance promises MP tuning from Schleswig-Holstein for Turbo-diesel vehicles and turbocharged petrol engine and this at very reasonable prices. For about 300 Euro you get a few additional PS and properly more torque through the chip tuning for its diesel box from the North German tuner. The chiptuning box is digital MP-tuning and developed on the dynamometer in cooperation of several automotive companies. The installation of the additional control unit is done within a few minutes thanks to a simple instructions by a layman.

Increase of torque fuel is saved as a positive side effect still properly, because the engine has more power you can stroll past switch on high. Thus, 20 percent of Kraftsoffersparnis are absolutely realistic. The chiptuning MP tuning experts have supplied once only car dealerships and other tuner throughout Europe with their products. Since May 2010, everyone can now order his chip tuning at the online shop dedicated. “The tuning with the chiptuning box is becoming more popular” so Mike Alsdorf, Managing Director of MP-tuning “in 2010 alone we welcomed over 400 new Autohaser as customers.” C WEB MEDIA