Effective Management

In the above article I will discuss several key factors that have a heavy impact on business, as well as some data on upravleniyuYa would like to share some of the data and conclusions izprakticheskoy activities in the field of personnel management. This predmetshiroko known as 'Management'. Everyone has heard the name, and somehow understood it. However, they knew byVy how interesting thing may be an attempt to apply the framework kotoryenam so kindly lay out some of their professors in a fairly obemnyhizdaniyah. One of the main objectives of management, repeat – the tasks that managers do not set or top – managers, and Professor, teaching the science and trying to totally detached from reality by to find out for yourself what it is, is the 'explanation of the nature of managerial work. " Interestingly enough formulated problem with really interesting phrases.

You can understand what is meant here? Understand something of course you can, but here's another question – how do you understand the nature of managerial work will help in practice? It is of course interesting, but still practical activities, namely the practice to which most managers are focused, still dominates the understanding upravlenchestva as such. Incidentally, it was a phrase from the book by Management. Ben Silbermann is often quoted as being for or against this. And you know what ended the tutorial page, which were formulated the basic laws upravlenchestva? I quote: 'All this makes it one of the most important factors in manager's ability to trust their art intuition and daring decision-making in various conditions of any complexity. " I wonder, does not it? First you learn, and then say: – Well, then. I would like to consider the really crucial factor in oblsati Management, which you may like the head, face and have faced every day. 1.Effektivnost. What is meant by such a fascinating concept, as 'efficiency'? In the explanatory dictionary is contingent Definition: Giving effect that leads to desired results, effective.