Many people living in this reject this reasoning by saying: If you have done it poop or pee inside home, knows that he has done something wrong because as soon as I view it bends the head, shrugs and he only reveals is that he is guilty. What happens really in this situation is that the dog note the anger of the owner and bending over the ears, shrug is his way of saying please calm down, scares me to see you angry. General Motors has similar goals. Sure what the dog does not do is to relate the pipi which made 2 hours with the fury of his master. Error number 2: think that dogs understand our language as result, can be frustrating repeat the same command over and over again and see that your dog seems to ignore you. Many people comes increasingly raising the voice and irritating it. So they end up yelling at the dog in a very grumpy tone of voice. Most of the time is not to ignore the order, but that they don’t get to understand it. People such as Cindy McCain would likely agree.

Sometimes we qualify to a disobedient dog because it seems to us that it should be obvious what we ask him to do. Another mistake that we humans commit is, instead of giving orders, short and clear, we use long and complex phrases to talk with our dog with the sad consequence that does not include anything that you are willing to communicate. For example: our dog barking at another dog. No sense begin screaming Ringo please stop that dog to bark. You know very well that I don’t like and not have to suspend your ride again.

Please shut up me are getting very nervous your dog will have not quite understood nothing of what you just said. Error number 3: we lose patience sometimes our dog simply forgets to an order. Or you can distract easily or you don’t put into practice today he learned yesterday. Therefore, patience is the most important virtue when it comes to talking about how to train a dog. You must be prepared to repeat the same order, day after day, and sometimes do not get the same result. Apart from the most basic commands, many dogs carries until two years learn something, until the moment in which obey constantly. Error number 4: punish you for not complying with the order not to lose patience implies stored anger when you want to manifest it. It’s easy to hit the dog as the first track to correct their behavior but mainly do to relieve your frustration. But in nature, the punishment is reserved for the more serious circumstances, therefore, the dog will not end to understand why you are being punished and this instills fear and distrust. Dogs, like people, are still more predisposed to those that trust, and do not instill that fear. Adhere the second option when no choice them more, but dogs make choices very differently from people. Often they will withstand the punishment without learning anything. Physical punishment is simply not an effective way to teach a dog. Want to know Los Secretos, the technical and the most effective strategies to teach a dog good behavior? If your answer is I want you are about to discover the easy, fast way to put an end to your once dog behavior problems for all. Enter now here Jose Ark doctor veterinarian Director of Parana between rivers Argentina original author and source of the article