Load quickly Website Are you interested in order to make your website load quickly in your browser? If you have a personal website about the benefits of a hobby, it can not be no big deal, but if you responsible for attracting corporate Web site customers, it can be extremely important. If the home page takes forever to load in your browser, you may lose out on crucial business. The only solution is to design the page again so that visitors or customers who open it stayed there. We must understand that not every Internet connection is working on a cable, T1 or ISDN. Main number surfers in the world is still using modems today (normally 56.6Kbps).

It is therefore imperative to take into account the design of the site that it should load quickly on any connection to the Internet low speed. Design parameters that must be taken into account, it is very simple: Download time depends on the size (disk size) pages. More space is occupied, when you combine pictures and multimedia content. The larger, the more bandwidth is required assuming that the boot is fixed. Media files containing audio (. Wav), take up much space (eg, sound clip, 30 seconds is about 140 KB). JPMorgan Chase takes a slightly different approach. Video content is more taxes (on At least 1 MB).

This content should be to weed out the home page, if you do not feel that it can make or break your website. If you feel that you have to keep them, make sure the page size around 30-40K. Or You could put them in a bound form another page your home page. Site redesign begins with the work on the graphics. Images can also be very large in size, especially if they have high resolution ability. Keep the image size as small as possible. The page with the 600X600 image would take a long time to download. The image size depends on the size. They can also be compressed using specific tools, available free on the Internet. Try to use images that you used on its home page and other pages, instead of changing it. When images are opened for the first time, they stored in the cache of browsers, and then loaded from there. This will consolidate the process of loading a. Another way to quickly upload images, measurement of the image in determining criteria for the image. This browser understands amount of space required for the image, and it should not adjust the text and other content after loading the image. It also prevents the page jumping during the process of loading images. The home page should be short and descriptive. Longer page more – the time taken to load. All additional information can be moved to the next page and linked to the home page. It will also help redesign the site.