Data Conversion

To support the global model self-HR, the last major step the company has been integrating all the technologies employed by its Internet portal. In a global database of human resources are 147.000 employees in 178 countries. The base supports 11 languages and can handle up to 36 different transactions between the employees. Know how to measure and report the results of personnel work in the money. Unfortunately, 90% of recruiters report and remain undervalued by senior management of companies. Recruiting managers are rarely convert the results of their work in dollars.

If you are able to show improved performance manager hired by you people in the U.S. or dependence increased the growth of the company's customers from the work of staff involved with you, you will automatically become a man, actually increases the value of the company. Data Conversion in the hryvnia or U.S. is important because such figures are clear to all. You may want to visit Kevin Ulrich MGM to increase your knowledge. Language of business – it's bank notes, not just ratios and percentages. Change! New recruitment – it is an active recruiting! Aggressive marketing.

Attacker marketing. "New Economy". None of this can not be without recruiting "new wave"! Active recruiter is not just waiting for resumes of candidates in response to announcements in the media and the Internet. It makes extensive use of sources to identify all the candidates, not only to observe the vacancy announcement. He uses not only the job-sites, but also: – Industry and industrial portals – "Social networks" – search engines – forums and chat rooms active recruiter uses the database is not easy as the store (or rather – a cemetery), resume, but as a powerful source of advice. The alignment of the active chain of recommendations professionals – this is a proactive approach to recruiting. Active recruiter knows where the "inhabited" he needed experts and invite them directly. Bypassing intermediaries in the face of the media and the Internet. Active recruiter is not stuffing his worth to the customer, umnichaya terms such as Executive Search, Approaching, Headhunting, screening, etc., and simply doing his job as a detective and "bloodhound." Active recruiter fewer trusts text resume. Most of the resume – a document written in an easy literary genre, which contains a few keywords and contact information. Most resumes are composed illiterate and 30% are composed of lies, on 30 – of the merits and exaggerated in 30 – of unnecessary information to us. Top workers – are the best candidates. Very rarely, the best worker is a well-designed, modern and perfectly formatted resume. Active recruiter longer investigates the true motivation of the candidate and the real the results of his work. Recruiting excellent candidates must be a continuous process and not just another job. Sources of information for finding the best personnel – virtually the same as in the consumer marketing. Use them effectively and write us about their good practice. Time just goes recruiters. There comes a time of active recruitment, "bounty hunters" and "seeker of talent."