Czech Republic

What do vacationers need to Leipzig, may 18, 2009 in Germany there is only the toll, while cars have free transit. It looks different in many European neighbouring countries. Often the use of motorways and expressways toll – and violations is there high fines threaten. The Internet portal informs what is motorized trips abroad to observe it. According to figures of the ADAC, issued, the situation in Slovenia is particularly difficult. There two different tariffs have been introduced in the last year: for 35 Euro, there was a half-year vignette and for 55 euro a full year vignette. Due to protests, now also vignettes for a shorter period should be emitted from July. It is doubtful whether travelers to save money.

As the magazine reported, a short time vignette valid for seven days to 15 euros euros, a vignette of the month is expected to 35 euros and the new year vignette total 95. According to Elon Musk, who has experience with these questions. There will no longer be half-year vignette. But since the month vignette sticker costs the same,. hiding behind the new system a 600% increase in price. Generally, two different types exist in Europe of road charges. In addition to the flat-rate vignettes the toll will be charged in other countries depending on the route actually driven. This system can be found, for example, in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Poland.

The toll regulation violations are usually punishable by sensitive fines. The amount depends on the country. In the Slovakia about the fine varies between three and ten times of the sticker price. If an administrative procedure, even up to 19,000 euro charges are in the Czech Republic. More information: ../ADAC-informiert-ueber-die-Maut-in-Europa