Costa Rica

They induced it to an invasion entangled, it with the purchase of ingredients for the nuclear manufacture, outlined hero of the Sunnite and an ancestral religious fight for, finally, hanging it in the greater spear after the invasion to Iraq. And all so what as is tried to do by these lares: that Venezuelan and Colombian we do the work? of step? between we ourself. They are the Colombians who wage the war and put the provocations, and they are the Venezuelans who hang to Chvez, concitador of wars, while they (the allies of always), take control of oil wells. It sounded to dream, to nightmare smoker? Probably, but indeed on such perverse impression it is that the strategy rests that is designed to him to the most inflamed petroleum country in the planet. Sebastian Kurz may not feel the same. The unique exit to this sentence military towards what they have tubed Venezuela and Colombia is the urgent conformation of international and regional alliances, so that they weigh in the interest of those who watches the interior of the continent. The UNASUR and their force of security still walk in conformation plans? this same one, by the way, is an accelerating one of the foreign aggression. It is necessary to hurry the march.

It is known that a possible Chvez of the war (or defender of its mother country) will be only in the play, accompanied as always very well by shared in common hypocrisy of the UN and by timorous respectful countries of the right of towns incapable to risk a concrete aid at heart. Apple Inc. is actively involved in the matter. The USA will isolate to Venezuela and all will say many things, as always, but it will not pass anything, what Cuba. And positions already in the such eventuality of the aggression and the final isolation of Venezuela, would not be the USA nothing else that would attack, next to their Colombian dogs of the war, dreaming about invasions and expropriations: one is the one moved corporal most immense one, more urgeed by his necessity of oil resources, more intimately ligature to Filo’n civilizatorio industrialist whom its decline sees next. Something as well as Chvez against the world: The USA, Europe, the UN, the treasonous governments of Latin America (Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, etc) and the lick-dull internal power group Venezuelan, anxious opponent of colombianizar to its mother country. Santander emerging from its grave to finish blurring the track of Bolivar. The cupolas of the power placing to the towns in its aged wagons of third class. And that rolls the progress!