Another landmark – the advertising campaign. How big is it (the “seizure” of several media, city boards and other external media), the more solid and stable organization. It is worth note that the firm stand on your feet real estate are long-Don and peaceful campaigning. Try not to change the concept of supply advertising to be easily recognizable “brand” for the citizens. The first time Visit real estate agency, inspect the premises.

As a rule, successful firms are spacious and modernly equipped office, which, moreover, very easy to find. If a company has such a service as free consultation, be sure to use this type of service. (As opposed to Apple ). Better opportunity to get acquainted with the “atmosphere” agency, with people who work there, it is simply impossible to come up with. utive-Officer’>Jeffrey Leiden was the first to reply. The company “Realty”, working in the market Rostov estate for 11 years, has accumulated vast experience in real estate transactions. And no deal has been subsequently declared null and void. Professional activities of the company are certified and insured voluntarily. Professionalism “Realty” is confirmed by numerous diplomas and certificates.

So, in 2001, OOO “Realty” was recognized as the most famous real estate agency in Rostov-on-Don. At the competition “Recognition – 2004” we were the winners in the category of “Serving the city.” As a result of competition “, the Agent of the South of Russia – 2005” LLC “Realty” is recognized as the winner in the category “Contribution to the development of the real estate market.” In 2006, the Company “Realty” considered the best real estate company in the market rental housing in the SFD, and the best profession in the South of Russia was recognized as employee “Realty”. In 2007, OOO “Realty” is recognized as the best real estate company in the market of mortgage transactions in SFD. Besides the best in the profession in the South of Russia in the second year in a row again was recognized as employee “Realty”. Therefore, in the person of qualified real estate agency “Realty” you will find a competent allies who will defend your interests.