Company TK Usenov

Crisis – it’s time to consolidate and be insured! At the presentation of a new head office of JSC “IC” Centras Insurance “Chairman of the Board of the Company TK Usenov held for journalists briefing, which highlighted the results of 2008 and projections for 2009. According to Talgat Usenov insurance company ‘Sentrans Insurance’ in 2008 has continued the successful development and collection of premiums increased by 37%. In addition, it is projected that in 2009 the collection of insurance premiums will grow by 25-30%. Assets companies in 2008 increased by 28% and amounted to 2.266 billion tenge, equity – 18% to 1.003 billion tenge, the share capital – 27% to 707 million tenge. “Our company has put emphasis on the development of retail insurance in 2006, that today bearing fruit.

Through our retail insurance company maintains a stable growth rate of insurance premiums “, – said Chairman of the Board ‘Sentrans Insurance’ Talgat Usenov. According to Talgat Usenov this year on the market Kazakhstan consolidation should be expected of players, because the insurance market is undergoing significant change right now. In this situation, perhaps association of players and even elimination of certain insurance companies. Also, Talgat Usenov noted that in addition to reducing the growth of insurance premiums has been an increase in insurance payments. That is, reserves that insurance companies have accumulated over the previous years growth, can be ‘eaten up’ payments for existing portfolio, he said. According to him, this year could occur 20-25 percent reduction in charges premiums on the market. And if this continues, then some companies will have problems with their financial indicators. This may cause a reduction in the number of insurance companies.

In 2008, the growth of insurance premiums amounted to about 15%, with the growth of accidents was 78%, according to Hull, 24% of assets – 20%. In 2009, these figures are likely to be grow. According to him, to stay afloat, the companies will be able to intensify their activity in the retail segment. In previous years, mainly were the leaders of which were in the financial and industrial group, now up to even the first two months you can see a dramatic change in the camp leaders. In fact, some leaders of the far rolled down due to the fact that the lost volume captive insurance, said Talgat Usenov. In the short term, among the voluntary types of insurance your insurance will develop real estate and home property of individuals, as well as car insurance. According to T. Usenov, the demand for property insurance will be supported by fears of losing their property. At the same time taking into account the difficult economic situation and to find means to earn to compensate for losses on its own would be problematic enough, said he said. However, the crisis has a positive impact on improving services. Insurance companies now compete for clients by improving service levels, infrastructure expansion, using the latest technologies and reduce the levels of premiums. It is beneficial to customers’, – he said. Many people and companies during the crisis are beginning to save money on insurance. This is fundamentally wrong, said Talgat Usenov. This is a good time to compensate for the losses, you can rely on help from relatives and friends or an opportunity to take a quick loan at the bank. Today, these methods can not work in banks, money is hard to get, and have friends and acquaintances to take was complicated. Therefore, now is the time to think about insurance to protect their property and health.