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Given verbatim: 'In the face of Rudolf Rudolfovich Leytsingera Caucasus Mountain Society and the city Pyatigorsk lost active, always enthusiastic desire to benefit the hometown of the citizen. In the person of Rudolf Rudolfovich Caucasus Mountain Society has lost the most energetic member and employee. He was founder of the company until the end of his days chairman. A lot of effort put into this thing and no exaggeration to say that sometimes the one and only one was carrying on his shoulders all the cares of the Company. Deceased, being an amateur Nature has always cared about how to make these beautiful, majestic views its available to the public. To this end he sought the device trails at Mashuk, Beshtau, Elbrus its glaciers In order to make available to visiting the Caucasus for students all over Russia, he gratuitously introduced to the use of his house, which on some days while housed up to 250 students sightseers. Came from Siberia, the Far North and found hospitality host.

Rudolph R. gave advice to the tourists. Without his assistance was not made any expedition. He was always enthusiastically talked about the Caucasian Mineral Waters and the Caucasus, and knew him well. 'I'm too old, I can not do much, but I believe the time will come when the foot of Elbrus zagremit the whole world. How many times these beautiful places larger and richer than Switzerland, which attracts thousands of tourists. " Always late said Pyatigorsk can enrich not only come to receive treatment, but also tourists.