Coaching Or Training Emotional

With this anglicism (whose translation is training), imported from the world of sport to the of the company, every day we hear more often is is referring to the Socratic concept of Maieutics, a concept not so recent, and however, bridging the gap of the context, with virtually identical meaning. Socrates introduced this teaching model, based between master and disciple, with the intention that latter, bring out the knowledge that beating on him. Here the name of Maieutics, in Greek refers to art help to procreate, to stand, to remove from the inside out. It is also attributed to Socrates the phrase inscribed in the Temple of Apollo at Delphi: know thyself. However, although already Socrates, through the art of asking questions, help others to connect with his own personal strength in order to succeed its own objectives, was not until the end of the last century when he had an application in the the business world. The idea was an evolution of the sport towards the world of business, seemingly simple: Timothy Gallwey discovered that what really hindered the athletes achieving their objectives, was not anything other than his own mind, and began working with them these aspects, optimizing the results of their trained athletes.

Little later, this emotional training model, was exported to the company, and then to the personal sphere. It is not very recent in Spain, but increasingly begins to be most in demand by executives, and anyone who feels emotional difficulties to achieve their life goals. The Coach or facilitator, will help that emerging difficulties, and above all, constraints affecting the achievement of the objectives of the person in training, to subsequently open new possibilities, and be able to design as well, actions that make him walk towards dear results. What apparently seems unnecessary or superfluous, acquires its real importance in the context of advanced enterprises, which they require train forms of labour such as collaboration and participation, or improve the working environment in order to prevent extreme competitiveness resulting in conflicts affecting production.