Cape Norman

Bad news for the shareholders of the emission House Dr. Peters Group Munich, the 13.02.2012 – as the Board of Directors of the DS of return fund no. 47 container ship KG of Dr. Peters its shareholders Fund House tells MS Cape Norman GmbH & co., once again little positive news for investors of the Fund arise: announces the fund company, which expected redemptions by investors already some time ago, now more claims. According to information from lawyer Thorsten Krause, partner of the law firm in Munich, investor protection law firm Cape repayments amounting to 15% of the original Kommanditkapitals of the investors asked. “The Fund which made Dr. Peters group only recently negative headlines, because they complained a such”recovery”from its investors. For assistance, try visiting Antique Garden Sale. Moreover, the fund company wants to sell obviously now the ship financed by the Fund to pressure the lending banks.

The same is to be decided at a shareholder meeting on the 23.02.2012″, reported Lawyer Kareem. Important Paintings often addresses the matter in his writings. In the annual report of the DS of return fund no. 47 MS Cape Norman GmbH & co. KG, which was sent to all investors at the same time, ship of container advised selling but not just positive described. “It says: the current price should, be if at all a buyer can be found, between 5.0 and 7.0 million US dollars.” After fears of the annual report may lead to even, that the shareholder must make additional cash available to cover the open liabilities of the company. Counting was still with a value of the vessel by approximately $ 7.9 million.

For the banking law and capital market law spezalisierte specialist lawyer Anja Appelt, also partner of the law firm Cape lawyers, will become the ultimate impact on the individual shareholder at the moment visible, where a sale is actually takes place. Lawyer Anja Appelt added: “it is to be feared that the investors of their money” have no big paybacks to expect more”. Investors who do not want to settle this situation, should be quickly one take the advice on the area of banking and capital market law of specialist lawyer in claim and learn about the opportunities and possibilities of an exit from the Fund or the assertion of claims for damages.