Camcorders Have Never Been Better, Cheaper And More Powerful Than Now

80 camcorder in tough tests in the new camcorder buying guide the camcorder world but sadly even complex has never been more different systems, formats and types. But the VIDEO active editors has no fear in front of the equipment jungle and provides clear answers to all questions about the confusion of the format with the new special issue of CAMCORDER purchase consultant. The claim to assist anyone in finding the ideal camera is a top priority for the successful years special issue. Nowhere else you can find a comprehensive overview of this topic. The market overview lists all 135 current camera models from 100 to 10 000 euro.

About 80 current cameras ordered compete according to price class to hard comparison tests. But not only test victories include the filmmaker gets results clearly presented itself the tool, sure to decide what is important to him in his new camcorder. Additional counselors help choosing the optimal recording media and deliver decision-making on the topical subject of HD or not?” And last but not least is there… and cut! “, because the editorial summarizes the results of detailed editing software tests and makes recommendations with which programs between 50 and 200 euros the post-production work. The special CAMCORDER is purchasing consultant from December 2, 2008 for 5.90 euros at newsstands. As an alternative, the active Publisher offers the special available for immediate download at camcorder purchasing consultant 01-2009.html Joachim Sauer