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The growth of the market supplies for air conditioning and ventilation systems is directly linked to performance pay as businesses and population. Favorable world commodity and financial markets become a kind of impetus for economic growth 2001-2008 period. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Apple . The first half of 2010 showed growth of Russian economy, where key factors and indicators are increasing the income of the main sectors (exporters production) and the slowdown in inflation. Outflow of savings from bank deposits by the end of 2008 was reduced only by early autumn 2010. When savings denominated in rubles, more than 20% higher than pre-crisis level. In summer 2010, the growth of expenditure of the consumer market, not only slowed but also significantly decreased.

But it did not affect sales of HVAC equipment, ventilation systems and consumables. Their adjustments in consumer behavior has an anomalous heat of summer. It should be noted that the spring-summer 2011 is expected to increase demand for ventilation products, diffusers, diffusers, air, products of air conditioning and much more, so companies are engaged in air conditioning and ventilation now need to determine the suppliers. There is still in some areas related to the goods conditioning. An example of such a deficit is a quality trumpet made of copper. The company "Armada Climate", which is a major supplier of equipment and supplies for air conditioning systems and ventilation when working with partners in the Moscow region of Russia, keeps prices affordable and stable supply. Company website: The company is a regular exhibitor online exhibition Expo-Pages Booth Company: Satisfactory rates in purchasing power have shown, for example, grilles and diffusers, which have a clearly defined role in the ventilation system – safe cover is not very aesthetic hole ventilation duct or the duct.