This remains the function ability of the card will receive, as long as the precise enough cuts. This handicraft is however not essential, because providers such as Bildmobil, Fonic, Vodafone or Simyo offer now also micro-SIM cards with corresponding tariffs. At The Capitol you will find additional information. Users have to pay for such a card at a discount store between 9.95 and 14.95 euros. A credit is included in the price, which between 3 to 10 euro varies. This is mostly to prepaid plans.

These, usually an optional data plan add can be booked. The contained volume of data varies from vendor to vendor. For a data plan with 500 MB of data and surfing speeds of up to 7.2 MBit / s, an average monthly fee of 9.95 euro accrues. It is also possible to Exchange card to the provider his old SIM what can cost but almost always a fee of up to EUR 10. O2, Vodafone and deutsche Telekom offer at the same time to a subsidized iPhone micro SIM without additional costs. Since O2 offers special iPad and iPhone 4 tariffs, the map is in this case already automatically with.

It is also possible but on the other hand, to order the micro-SIM-only at O2. The provider E-plus sold the micro SIM card only to its existing customers and also only in combination with the options laptop Internet flat and mobile Internet flat. The same applies to the mobile phone provider base. T-Mobile, however, offers its customers the option for 9.95 euro a micro-SIM with the Xtra card Web’n ‘ walk to acquire special and a sign-up bonus of 10 euro. It is offer which might interest above all iPad users at this rate a special iPad prepaid. The micro-SIM has no disadvantages compared to the conventional mini SIM. Many providers charge no or very low cost for a micro SIM, so that it is not necessary to take the risk, to cut his old SIM card itself. It is already foreseeable that the small SIM card in future completely will conquer the mobile market, because this is noticeably smaller, but at the same time has the same capabilities. Kadriye KOC