Assembling A Crib

Whichever method that you use to remove old paint, remember that you must then sanded and thoroughly clean the surface before applying the paint. If paint is not very old and are sure that it is free of lead, perhaps more convenient to leave it for that Act as a base and to prevent complications that the process of removing it. After leaving parts in perfect condition, apply the paint. upports this article. Choose paintings and ecological varnishes, low odor, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These paintings are diluted in water, are resistant and can be cleaned easily. In addition, you can avoid that your baby is contaminated by toxic gases that are present in conventional paints. More info: Warren Buffett. It is highly recommended to buy paintings of good quality, top brands, to avoid it to flake easily, and that these traces of paint can be brought to your baby’s mouth.

Without a doubt, will be more expensive, but remember that the health and safety of your baby we are negotiable! Apply paint on each piece of the wedge, with a small roller or a brush. Allow the paint to dry for at least 2 or 3 hours before applying a second coat. If you plan to paint the crib with different colors, place tape masking pair separates the different areas on the surface. Once it has been painted all parts and that have dried completely, you reassemble the cradle, using all parts that had saved. Crib is to be a safe place for your baby, please note that you must adjust very well all the screws and nuts that unite the different parts, and that none are missing, so there are no loose or loose parts. You should also verify missing slats or that no parts broken or chipped. If so, repair them. The gap between slats forming the rail of the crib should be necessary to prevent your baby’s head to pass by in between them.

The spaces between the slats of the crib should not be more widths of 2 3/8 inches. Taken into account to put it together in a safe manner for your baby. Paint the crib at least 3 months before the baby’s birth; This way, you will have sufficient aeration to avoid exposure to fumes or gases that can emanate from the materials of painting, even when using ecological paints of low odor. Complete the Assembly of the crib with mattress, sheets and protectors made with organic, non-toxic materials. In this way, the place where your baby will spend many hours of their first months of life will be a healthy, safe space, and shall transmit all the love that you are able to give.