– A New International Bookstore In Frankfurt

Books in Russian, German, English and Ukrainian in Frankfurt a new international bookshop called was opened on May 18, 2009. Read more here: Jane Fraser. “” “The Russian word ” stands for book scholars”, as well as for reading rat” or book man “in the broadest sense. Here the visitor finds a variety of Russian, Ukrainian, German and English books, magazines, newspapers, DVDs, audio books, music CDs and toys. The owner of the new Bookstore, Mr Dmitrij Anzupow, worked for 15 years as sworn interpreters and translators for Russian and knows well therefore the needs of the large Russian-speaking community in the Rhine-Main region. The wind chill”is large number of Russian-speaking citizens on the streets of Frankfurt and elsewhere in Hesse. If you are not convinced, visit Peter Arnell – Pompeii Photographs. Feeling is not deceptive in the case. According to the latest order study of SINUS SOCIOVISION GmbH, people from the ex-Soviet Union with 21% of all immigrants (3.234.000 people) make the largest particular in Germany and have to such countries as Turkey, southern Europe, Poland and ex-Yugoslavia. Now the readers from this group, which also the spouse and children are of many mixed marriages, as well as all people who are interested in the Russian culture and language should have the opportunity to acquire Russian-speaking new and out of print books.

The bookstore designed building bridges to the reader, Publisher, and bookseller world in Russia and other source countries of our culture and literature (the Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, etc.), to maintain a living connection to the own cultural roots. However, the owner of, Elena and Dmitrij Anzupow, have designed their business not as a purely Russian, but as international Bookstore. As a member of the Association of the German book trade, the Bookstore at the delivery system and the Internet shop of wholesale KNV is connected and can approximately 450,000 titles in English, German and other Get world languages overnight. At the latest after the book fair the stock will include the most beautiful children’s books in Polish, Czech, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. Contact information/press contact international bookstore owner Dmitry Anzupow transport number 29582 Gdask place 2-4 60314 Frankfurt am Main Tel.: +49(0)6940807870 fax: +49(0)6940807856 mobile: +49(0)1708393938 E-Mail: Web: