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Why copy? A Xerox company because people want to return? people would like to return, when he finishes his trip to Disney, is a unique experience the Magic Kingdom catch so you and your family, as you do not imagine it is, people say that it is a place for children, I would say that it is a place where everyone cannot be pass very well and want to return, everything that this Disney employees its attractions, because everything is done so that guests return, and thus they do, the majority of people who go to Disney already had formerly been at Disney. Said me out there that roughly 33 million people visit Disney each year the people of Disney doesn’t think that it works in a company that has secured customers, why they crave so much by them. Disney are visiting it daily from 50,000 to 75,000 guests that makes Disney a very sophisticated company, we at Fandis agree with Disney in which competition is any company that a good service to the customer already that people us compares with them, in Disney details are very important and are exaggerated attention paid to them, if you visit Disney try to find one thing that bad is super difficult. ask yourself one same attention to detail to the Disney style is part of the culture of the company? Every day we wonder what in Fandis, why are constantly, says Disney, if someone knew that the increase in attention to any detail, would improve the loyalty of clients, do much more attention I would like to provide them? They think that what becomes gives a much better example to their employees which is said by that reason constantly strive to set a good example. The commitment to quality goes with you to any site to which you point, many of these phrases, companies take them as something superficial, however these sentences are part of the reasons why Disney is so successful, they are saying that to be able to lead by example should be able to turn common sense into common practice. In our Fandis Xerox company faithfully believe that we should copy what is good, and we strive to find winners companies those who imitate. If you liked this article and think that can serve someone, please copy it and forward it to the person you think you can serve you.

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