World Championships

But the competition never sleeps. “The Chinese will be very strong at their home World Championships,” white memory trainer Konrad and carries also the other brainteasers with computer programs. With conscious diet, some exercise and enough sleep expert for learning strategies, coach and motivational speaker Konrad is also physically fit for the challenges of the upcoming contests. For the audience of his entertaining and always fully-booked speeches for the speaker Agency has five star speakers the learning strategy expert Boris Nikolai Konrad 5-star method to the name of note developed: the first and most important rule of memory coach Boris Nikolai Konrad: make sure that the name of the interlocutor was also understood and then loudly repeat. Then use the name of the person in conversation several times. People love to hear their name and the imprint is easier through repeated use.

According to the Call the name “verbildern”. The human brain can learn much better images than text information. Then the name should be repeated several times, important names, speaker Boris Nikolai Konrad advises memory trainer and 5 star to repeat the name several times a day to get to know. The results are amazing. The audience of his lectures noted how well the memory train leaves. Memory coach Boris Nikolai Konrad Yes also already busy training for his next challenges. Sure, he will defend his title in early December in southern China in the memory World Championships 2010. Expert available note on the expert portal Boris Nikolai Konrad memory trainer is free for questions concerning the topic name as memory.

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