Wolfgang Bergmann

Renewable means of payment by Wolfgang Bergmann 1974 I participated in Darmstadt in an event. A young woman who (Reininkanation) traced had found himself not in their past, but in the future. It is located in the year 2042. The therapist asked off her things and things could recognize them at this time. She spoke of a world where people satisfaction and tranquillity exuded.

Religions have merged to a belief in God. She talked about worldwide, happy life together in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Very believable the unbelievable came out. I don’t believe in hocus pocus, and yet I always reminds me of this repatriation and thinking how such a world, I imagine, could come. How can a world in education emergency, terrorism, poverty, climate chaos and wars – be transformed so as it is 2010 – to the positive.

The policy further away from a solution every day. It lacks the financial resources and this enlightenment is the way. Miracles there is no, but it is the way that won’t cost a penny and at the end of this path are incredible, positive impact and a new world. I was born in Reinheim, in Hesse, Germany, on the 13.08.1945. My life was not always good and also not always a bad thing. It was a life with ups and downs. I am printing and computer specialist. I worked in various printers and publishers. In the meantime, I was for a few years in South America, Brazil and reorganized printing companies in technology and administration there. Most recently, I had my own computer store in Berlin. Today, I am retired and Retriever sunny walk like with my Golden, who is my best friend.