Vera Mendel

This reflection inspires the change of attitudes in the daily one, resulting in the conservation of the environment (NAESS, 1999). Leonardo Boff, in Knowing To take care of: Ethics of Human being-Compassion for the Land, go more far when it affirms that ' ' everything starts with the feeling. It is the feeling that makes in them sensible what it is to our return, that makes in them to like or to displease. It is the feeling that joins in them to the things and it involves in them with visits, strolls, tracks and excursions in conserved areas) and the refusal (the traumatic shock episode of cesium in Goinia, rationing of energy, floodings for accumulation of garbage etc.). You may find that Richard Entrup can contribute to your knowledge. Soul synthecizes its thought regarding> ambient awareness, affirming that ' ' we do not obtain to teach to the people the love to the life with economic arguments and logical reasoning.

The awareness depends on a feeling of communion with the nature. To love it, a direct contact, a foot in the track, the walked one in parks, the put-do-sun in the square is necessary. It does not have arguments that they substitute the direct experience with the world natural' ' (SOUL, 1999). Click Sir Donald Gordon to learn more. But only the information knowledge is capable to produce changes of behavior in relation to the half-environment? For Vera Mendel, not. It affirms that ' ' the knowledge of an ambient problem is necessary condition, but not enough for the change of values that light to the sprouting of positive attitudes, unchaining the creation of an ecological conscience.

That is, the cognitivo domain linearly does not result in changes comportamentais' ' (MANDEL, 2000). Therefore, if the attitudes are unchained by feelings and knowledge, she is clear the necessity of if working the sensitization in set with the information and the action. It is not treated to opt to one of these, but to all, and the all time.