Valencia Works

On its rural landscapes of the Castelln Stop and the Low Teruel, the dry stone architecture is based on a rustic nature in compositions that, besides being ethnographic document of first order, discover the calm beauty of territories of the Mediterranean interior. With safe outline, its characteristic red drawing, determines the moment to that the solar light floods the bends formed by houses, trees and stones, creating a rich range of resistances that arises from apparent a simple game from black and targets. The most splendid luminosity of the day is catched in open compositions, authentic windows full of life, that give acute account of the cautious one and the agile hand of the sketcher Ricardo Ortuo”. (Arming Pilato Iranzo). The EXHIBITION the present sample is made up of 34 works that can be ordered in two series: the drawings dedicated to urban views of the city of Valencia, and those other where the landscape of the Mijares Stop is shaped, in the province of Castelln. Beyond the thematic unit and of format, the drawings reunited for occasion presents/displays an aesthetic constant: the obsession of Ricardo Ortuo by the resistances of light and shade reproduced through a meticulous one built the framework for of lines, that give to works the appearance of an engraving. The retail love, the reproduction of the texture of the surfaces, and the precision of the perspective is the plastic resources of which the artist is worth to create his particular interpretation of the Valencian landscape. Only thanks to the sensible combination of these three technical elements of the drawing the red cobra can be included/understood how life on the paper, without resorting to the color, so associated to the landscaping sort..