Ukraine Company

Needless to say, that the owners of the apartment, which is located on the roof of this “architectural” scrap metal, and no one was going to ask for permission. It is also, however, as no coordinated with other tenants of the house set on a common roof of powerful radio transmitters, and (again, under the auspices of the Embassy of Sweden), the emission of which is not the best effect on health inhabitants of nearby houses. Only after five years of struggle, the Swedish embassy dismantled antenna, and not asking for forgiveness from home owners. Wells Fargo Bank has compatible beliefs. But this so-called “little things”, however, very clearly demonstrate features of the Swedish “democracy” in the Ukrainian land … But even without irony, sarcasm and bitter situation is that, for all this monstrous legal, moral and “cultural” chaos budget gets Kiev a mere penny … land tax. Since, as we appear on a response to tax in the Shevchenko district of Kiev, “economic activity in Ukraine Company – a non-resident does not exercise.” And I ask in puzzles, in whose pocket is the same fee from the rental of expensive square meters of residential buildings downtown? In response to a letter from residents, who for 15 years trying to find out why their condition Living deteriorated sharply, the STA reported that “the results of routine field inspection of representative office of compliance with the requirements of tax, currency and other legislation, a company donaschitany taxes along with penalties in the sum (azh!) 53.6 thousand hryvnia.