TRENDS: Fahrzeugfolierung Instead Of Paint

Conclusion: With foiling you can save money on the later many have recognized it already, taxi companies, German army or police vehicles today are completely bonded with foil and better sell the service period, continue leasing companies offer a monthly discount. Everyone has ever heard it, a car with foil cover, that anything goes or that is cheaper than film? For example, Herr Fritz wants a vehicle buy (lease) but the dealership has not the color available – now comes a Fahrzeugfolierung in consideration, the desired color is glued on the new vehicle, the leasing company cheaper leaves most of the time the monthly lease payment because after the end of term, a rebuke Oser new paint comes to the musicians. Thus Mr Fritz got the desired vehicle with color, could negotiate deep discounts at the dealership and saved in the monthly lease rate. A Fahrzeugfolierung of the professional certification for full vehicle wraps (MINI CLUB man 2009) 1350,00 up to the visible edges cost monochrome about example. Now at rebate medium-sized businesses convert your vehicles on film changes, there you can save immediately monthly costs. Special Note: it is important to find it – not everyone who says it can already advising a professional for full vehicle wraps you can determine whether the advertising technicians know where talking about it, keep to show references and questions you whether he does it himself or whether he just passes it. You should note these points, your Fahrzeugfolierung will be nothing in the way. Olive Recksing – CutX Werbetechnik