Treating Viruses

The provider of health care services that carry out the treatment for HIV is a very important person in the life of the patient in the long term. So it must be someone that is pleasant for the patient, to generate confidence and have mutual respect but above all that the patient feels that it can communicate openly with this. As in any close relationship, not that can be the first indicated and the patient should not worry or be afraid to search for. Here are some questions that should be made when making the selection of a health service provider: 1. are covered by the health plan?, this question usually is resolved by an Office Assistant or by someone in the health services provider company.

2 How much experience does? How will keep up-to-date on advances in the topic? These questions can be uncomfortable, but someone like very little experience will only answer them either evasive or defensive. Should have a rough idea of how many patients have you had or has under his care and how is kept up to date in the new advances in HIV research. 3. It will be the primary provider or will only act as an advisor? Who is first contact in an emergency? The answer to this question may depend on the patient, provider or insurer, but it is important to clarify as soon as possible. 4 How often are visits to the doctor? do laboratory tests are made the same day of the inquiry or before? Either one is fine, but having previously available laboratory results, make the consultation more productive. 5 How is contact in case of emergency, doubts or problems? Some providers use email to communicate with patients, others have phone lines in labour hours, or you have professionals, internal nurses or physician assistants for the primary contact. It is important to know who to contact when the provider is not from service.

6. Where to go in case of requiring hospitalization? Some believe a good provider will be affiliated to a good hospital, but this is often not the case. We must ensure that the patient is compliant with the hospital which can go.

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