Transactional Analysis Profession

Each has from scratch on your own motivation system St. Gallen, 03.12.2012: transactional analysis describes the human personality, based on a theory in depth and humanistic psychology. She helps people in private life, in dealing with his fellow human beings and colleagues, but also in the profession. Training in transactional analysis is recommended for all people, but especially for people who are professional in the field of psychosocial, nursing and educational. There are a few free places for group members who want to attend a training in transactional analysis from purely personal interests in each training group. As qualified training professionals with a psychological, pedagogical, nursing training or a degree in psychology, theology, pedagogy, social work, or similar area of specialisation is recommended. It is always beneficial, if the course participants are already in professional practice and so is of course Learned to use every day”, stressed Jurg Grundlehner, head of the ASTA of Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis. Automatically inspire people who bring their experience in different areas of professional activity, and come together in the conversation themselves.

A pleasant interaction among the students there is increase the motivation and hence the success of learning. Investigations in the field of Neurology result are anchored neurobiological perspective in our subconscious mind, factors such as motivation and cooperative behavior. You can derive from, our human destiny is to motivate our fellow human beings that continue to exist in the form of recognition, appreciation, affection or affection to his counterpart or to receive from him. Each has its own motivation system from the ground up. Among other things, the neurotransmitter dopamine is responsible for. This natural drug has resulted in that one gets desire to push themselves physically or mentally and to accomplish something. The concentration and the Get ready for action and tasks will be executed automatically with the help of the natural motivation drug.

We be rewarded in connection with a satisfying feeling”, Grundlehner, describes the in addition the psychological counseling in St. Gallen devoted. Concepts of transactional analysis are also useful where a constructive team development is aimed at”, so Grundlehner. The Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis ASTA is very careful to create a pleasant and especially where learning climate and thus gives its members the chance to open. The learning content of in transactional analysis training the participants keep permanently in the memory, you should apply directly what you learned, that is what you just learned should also be understood in the ideal case and to consolidate to be implemented directly in practice”, so the final recommendation of the Jurg Grundlehner in St. Gallen. Company description the Training Institute for systemic transactional analysis in St. Gallen is concentrated next to the Training in transactional analysis on single partner and family counseling and supervision and coaching.