The Woods

Trees are not always able to heal their wounds, spending a lot of stamina, prematurely dying. Enormous damage to forests cause fires. This terrible calamity not only for woody vegetation, but also for all living things. The main reason for their appearance – a violation of fire safety rules people. Killed not only trees but also animals, birds, burned litter and topsoil. Within a few minutes, fire can destroy that which has grown for decades. Fire causes significant damage, even when applied only to the ground and not spreads on the crown.

In this case, burning litter, kill beneficial microorganisms and insects. The fire weakened trees. Attacked by pests, in this regard in due course the trees are dying. In the forest, especially in dry weather, should comply strictly with fire safety rules. Keep in mind: protecting the environment – the duty of every one! Before we expand a fire in a certain place for it removed a layer of sod and include it in side.

Pull out on the lawn dry grass. If the peaty soil, to plant fires are strictly prohibited, as this may lead to the underground fire. When the need disappears in the fire, it must pay, pelting the ground or pouring water, and sod put in its place. In the green areas of cities the fire spread is not allowed. To prevent forest fires clear of dead wood, twigs, debris, hold special firebreaks, the sands are grown the most fire-resistant conifer-hardwood stands. For the early detection of fires in forests used ground-based forest conservation and air patrols, building supervisory tower, fire station, chemical, forestry enterprises are provided with special fire-fighting equipment. For rapid communication in forestry are the radio station. Nonetheless, most importantly the protection of forests from fires – strict rules of conduct resting in the woods, especially in green areas. Everyone who is in the woods, should know the rules of fighting fires. In the event of ground fires fire knocked branches of hardwood, sleep land, flood water, a special solution of chemicals, plows spend mineralized strips, etc. To stop riding a fire is necessary to make fire break. Anyone who saw the fire in woods, must immediately take measures for its suppression. If you do this on its own is not possible, inform the forest guard, police or fire department. Being in the woods, take care of fire security, because the forest – natural lungs of our planet!

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