The Steps

Our thoughts, and with them our purposes, are ephemeral. If not we anchored them, they evaporate. The shape’s anchor is forcing us to remember them. For example, do you know why society was much more religious generations ago? Simply because parishioners were forced to pray (i.e. anchoring) several times a day.

Muslims pray five times a day. While their beliefs to do so are they anchored each day. If we do play the concept in our favour, i.e. If we pray several times a day the benefits of achieving the purpose, the We will achieve much more easily.Another strategy is to reward yourself with the intermediate goals. A goal of certain scale involving long can demoralize anyone as much as you you repeat several times a day. It is necessary to enable a kind of flyers goals that stop and reward for the steps taken although it was not fully achieved.

Finally, led research conducted by different psychologists from different universities showed that a small diary of how evolving plan exponentially increases the chances of achieving it. It may be a journal written on paper or on your computer. I will conclude by presenting you another friend who can help this year not pass the fact of reaching your goals. It is the Zeigarnik effect.Is that you a young Russian graduate Psychology student noted that the waiters were able to retain several tables of customers orders in his head if their respective accounts had not been charged and, conversely, immediately forgot commands them seconds after having been charged. That fact led him to postulate the existence of a psychic tension that remains latent until the task is completed. This psychic tension acts engine, pushing the completion of the task. Given that one in four people is recognized procrastinadora, i.e. that deliberately postponed their tasks knowing, we can use the Zeigarnik effect in the following manner.Limit yourself to begin the task. Spend just a few minutes a day. If you do, the Zeigarnik effect will do the rest for you. Now you know, if you want 2011 to be the year in which you reach your goals, develops a plan, tell your friends, constantly remind you the advantages of achieving it, rewarding small accomplishments, carries a diary and at least begin to make the rest of the Zeigarnik effect.