The Republic

But if administrative decisions are borne by the marginalization of user information as a step subsequent to the cessation of the processes. What else can be expected of the library? If even rumored in the corridors and public gossip that has been contemplating the possibility of dispatching all the “old paper”, with more than three months to read, for recycling, and not have it filled. So behold, since July 2005 there are bound local newspapers Diario La Tarde Otun or, much less El Pais, La Patria, the Spectator, Time, Portfolio and The Republic, as last empastacion dated December 2004, thereby leading to an accumulation of packages tied with cabuyas as in the days of Franciscan poverty of the courts.

In an ordinary citizen will not fit on the head like a town where we talk about multi-billion project, with a Megabus that earns billions, do not have a budget to bind its own story that is ten pesos. Where lies the everyday memory that government agencies should be part of their social responsibility to conserve because the city as a living organism is identified also in those courses and in that civic engagement to grow and change. This is penny-pinching to assume a legal obligation as simple contrasts with the generosity of the children of Dr. Emilio Correa Uribe, (son of Ramon who gave name to this library), who in a gesture of generosity will record donated by the Municipal celebrated with more than one hundred bound volumes of the evening The Journal for the library, after the treacherous murder of his father, director and owner of the newspaper in the town of Obando, to fetch his family on July 8, 1955.