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The only way shipyards and churches in the right build and hire workers. The game will be decided by prudent action, long-term planning and acquired Royal privileges, the value of which can rise up to the final settlement of Navegador immensely. Are the privileges for Navegador the perhaps the greatest challenge for game inventors Mac Gerdts: “early privileges obstruct the economic structure, they could be later already out of print. The fight for the privilege promotes different strategies and creates tension, which is retained until the end. “There’s still a dilemma: while it is usually better for the economic construction, to develop equally in various fields, it is better to concentrate on a few areas for the points.” Thus ensues a game by strategy and tactics, in which the player with the most victory points at the end wins. Navegador gripping refers to a historical subject. Simple but tricky game mechanisms provide a strategic challenge that can take from the gut, but win only with brains. The atmospheric illustration is based on historical models and leading-edge comes from the author himself.

Navegador by Mac Gerdts for two to five players from the age of twelve (EAN: 4280000097040) appears at the PD-Verlag. The Publisher is on the Internet at, the game guide to Navegador is so far available in German, English, French, and Polish, Hungarian and Italian under navegador/index.html. About the PD Publisher of PD-Verlag was founded in 1994 company description as a book publisher. He published in particular the undergraduate of economics textbooks. Including the title is “Math illustrated for students of Economics” in the German-speaking universities and colleges now to the standard works. Board games are in the program since 2005.