The Origin Of The Classifieds

The ad soon celebrates its 400 anniversary in almost 400 years ago was founded by Theophraste Renaudot in Paris 1630/31 an advertisement Office in life. As editor of the first French weekly newspaper, Renaudot now offered interested parties a way to find jobs through advertisements. Quickly evolved the Classifieds, that Office could be given up to a popular job board, where employers or could offer places vacated. “After a short time it was seeking, but also work in the Bureau d’adresse et de rencontre” could put their address as well as information about their skills. From the original arrangement of work, quickly became an advertising portal for deals of all kinds. In Germany, classified ads came in the late 19th century in fashion and were reserved for only the higher circles. It was not until the 20th century, until the ad was used by wide sections of the population to seek work, to advertise apartments, furniture for sale, or to offer services.

Before all regional advertisers had enormous inlet in the 1960s. With the establishment of the Internet since the 1990s has shifted a large part of the classified ad market in the digital world. From now on, free classified ads in many different portals could be advertised. The amount of classified ads on the Internet is big. Of small animals such as rabbits, dogs, or guinea pigs, furniture, cars, real estate, services of all kinds find their readers. Also the area of personals may underwent a tremendous boom with the spread of the Internet. One will wonder how the classified ad market will evolve further. There are already first new models in the United States where classified ads in the form of videos can be published. D.