The First Occupation License

The first occupation license is one of the main procedures prior to final delivery of housing. Ensure that it is perfectly habitable and its facilities are suitable for use, ie, the license notes that the work meets the requirements of structural integrity, safety and use necessary for habitability. Once construction is completed, the interested party to the competent body, usually the city planning council or municipality concerned, the Construction Management Certificate. Typically, a technician from the council make a visit to the site and carry out appropriate inspections to verify that the building complies with the original project. Then it will issue reports and process the license. The first occupation license is mandatory for all buildings newly built or those experiencing a significant change. At least, that stipulated in the relevant legislation contained in Article 214.c of Legislative Decree 1 / 2005 of 10 June by approving the revised Land Law of the Region of Murcia, which requires the buildings, once their construction or to obtain a license of first occupation. In addition, it will be almost impossible without basic supplies to hire a home as light, water or gas.

The Land Law of the Region of Murcia as well as estimated in Article 220: “The companies supplying electricity, water, gas and telecommunications services required for the final recruitment of the respective services accredited by the license of first occupation and activity , where appropriate, to provide the service. To contract provisional accreditation is required planning permission, looking as maximum duration of the contracts that provided for in the license for the execution of works. “However, some municipalities have issued their own local ordinances to the low regulation in this area. This is the case, for example, Murcia City Council in January approved the text regulating the first occupation and replaced the above license known as “certificate of occupancy.” The first occupation license in the municipality of Murcia The main points of the ordinance can be summarized in the following: Purpose of the license authorizes the lay-out of buildings or facilities, upon verification that the work performed meets to the license granted and which meets the technical conditions of safety, health and accessibility. Types of homes subject to this license: buildings resulting from new works, general or partial reforms which have changed the use to which it originally allocated. Applicants. They are required to apply for this license holders of planning permission for works.

Deadlines. 3 months is the maximum term to be served in the resolution, provided that the applications are accompanied by appropriate documentation. Provision of services. The business service providers (water, gas, electricity, telecommunications) require the service for the accreditation of having obtained the license of first occupation.

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