The Fat Cells Announce The Fight With Endurance Sports

Endurance sports must operate successfully with sports and nutrition who wants to get off his fat! This is actually rather a myth is much rather that one quickly loses the weight, which uses the energy sources of the body properly. Endurance is so important in driving sport and also the statement that the burning of fat begins after thirty minutes, is not right. The body has four different energy deployment systems, on which he draws depending on the requirement and situation. For more information see this site: Suna Said Maslin. For example the sugar metabolism and fat metabolism, which play a large role in everyday life or in sport. Since both systems run parallel, there comes that changed depending on the needs and requirements of the share of energy supply or moves. Because the body has huge fat storage depots, the fat metabolism in sports and in everyday life must involve continuously. Muscles can burn fat but only if sufficient oxygen for this available. Also important is a healthy and balanced diet.

If one more kilo calories burned by the body when ingested, achieved a negative energy balance and to lose weight. It is therefore not preferably important how much fat you burn during the sports, but increases the basal metabolic rate of kilo calories. This basal metabolic rate must be increased targeted daily to lose weight. The best endurance sport that can help are jogging, cycling, swimming and Nordic walking. Most effective of all afore-mentioned, however, is jogging. You should however ensure that you look not only according to the figures, but chooses a sport you like and can keep the best permanently. Who swims so rather than jogging, should prefer this sport to the other. Swimming and cycling is the best entry in the endurance sports for severely obese at the beginning, because you must not wear your own body weight and the joint burden is less pronounced.

Skating other sports such as inline is not quite so simple as do, because special techniques must be learned only to get the correct handling of the device. Who has also still uncertainty for the purpose of choosing the right kind of sport, should inform themselves in advance. Promote good ideas and important tips and tricks offer forums on the Internet that offer plenty of advice and information and at the same time, the exchange between fellow sufferers”. Just stop by and join the discussion.